Strengthen you Agile Essentials with SAFe Certification

Lets Grab this opportunity to learn the Agile Essential with Deeep knowledge on Scrum Kanban, Jira or Rally, and experience Scrum with Live Project. and brand your profile with the SAFe Certification of your choice. More Over Participate on Interview preparation to make yourself stand out in Market 

Key Topics

SAFe Certification Workshop

16 Hours

Agile and Scrum Deep Dive Training

16 Hours

ALM (Jira/Rally) Operation

8 Hours

ALM (Jira/Rally) Administration

8 Hours (ESM-P only)

Sprint Simulation – Live Project Experience

14 Hours

Interview Preparation

12 Hours

Topics Details

1. SAFe 
Certification Workshop

Two Days of Training Workshop, followed by Certification from Scaled Agile. You can choose the SAFe Course of your choice. these are 4 Options as below.

  • (SA) Scaled Agilist
  • (SSM) SAFe Scrum Master
  • (SASM) SAFe Advanced Scrum Master
  • (POPM) SAFe Product Owner Product Management


Explore more about these Certifications below

2. Agile Essential Training

Complete Knowledge from What is agile and the details of Scrum and Kanban Framework, with details of each and every Scrum Events/ceremony, Reports, Communication.

3 ALM (Jira,Rally,…) Operation

Hands on knowledge of ALM tools like Jira, Rally or Azure Devops, to work efficiently as user of that ALM tool.(Tools selection will be based on Trainers and their training)

4 ALM (
Jira,Rally,…) Administration

Complete Administration of the ALM Tools to define and configure essential configuration. (Tools selection will be based on Trainers and their training)

5 Sprint Simulation – Live Project Experience

Implement your Scrum Knowledge and ALM Tools learning, with a Live Project of one to two weeks. Training within a group of 9 to 12 members (a distributed Scrum team) to simulate the full scrum cycle, managing through real ALM tools.

6 Interview Preparation

Now you have sufficient knowledge on working as Scrum Master and are ready for an Interview, let’s Brush up and give it a final touch on participating on Debates, discussion, Scenarios.

The Bundle Benefit

Individual Cost

 TrainingsIndividual price (USD)
 SAFe Certification580
+Agile & Scrum Essential220
+ALM Operation150
+ALM Administration193
+Sprint Simulation275
+Interview Preparation200

Bundle with ESM, & SAFe Certification Separately

Grouping Essentials with out ALM Administration (ESM-A)

 SAFe Certification



845 482





Grouping Essentials with ALM Administration (ESM-P)

 SAFe Certification



1038 620






ESM-A = Agile & Scrum Essential + ALM Operation + Sprint Simulation + Interview Preparation

ESM-P = Agile & Scrum Essential + ALM Operation + ALM  Administration + Sprint Simulation + Interview Preparation

The Ultimate Savings
ESM & SAFe Certification Bundled

Combine SAFe Certification with ESM A





SAFe Certification & ESM A Combined





Combine SAFe Certification with ESM P





SAFe Certification & ESM P Combined





ESM-A = Agile & Scrum Essential + ALM Operation + Sprint Simulation + Interview Preparation

ESM-P = Agile & Scrum Essential + ALM Operation + ALM  Administration + Sprint Simulation + Interview Preparation

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