Does Agile Transformation Implementation Really Help an organization – A Data-Based Study 

Does Agile Transformation Implementation Really Help An Organization

Agile implementation can help an organization in several ways, but its success largely depends on the specific context of the organization and how well the transformation is executed. There are several benefits of becoming Agile, and learning about them will help you decide.

The data points highlighting the benefits and positive results of Agile transformation:

One of the most prominent and consistent claims made to highlight the benefits of Agile transformation is the various ways an organization becomes more efficient and capable. The following data points, collected through several surveys, will provide an idea about Agile and its benefits to your organization. These points are:

  • According to the observation of CA Technologies, a team doing complete Scrum will offer 250% better quality than a team that doesn’t.
  • Building and sustaining a strong Agile culture in your organization will increase commercial performance by 237%, as revealed by a study done by JCURV.
  • According to another study by JCURV, 70% of the agile organizations mentioned that Agile has helped them achieve a faster time in introducing products to the market.
  • A comparison of the results and the required effort to achieve that in a Scaled Agile Framework reveals that 74% and 16% of the team members think that the improvements are higher and much higher than the effort required. Only 9% and 1% of the team members think that the improvements are less and a lot less than the effort required. (Source – IPMA World and University of Applied Science Koblenz)
  • According to Deloitte, 78% of US Government executives think the use of the Agile and DevOps methodologies shows a considerable positive impact on their organization.
  • According to CA Technologies, Teams with regular Sprint retrospectives show 24% more responsiveness and 42% higher quality of work in comparison to Teams with infrequent or no retrospectives.
  • According to the survey done by McKinsey, businesses that adopted Agile before Covid-19 outperformed the businesses which didn’t adopt Agile.
  • 76% of respondents stated that Kanban was more effective than other methods and frameworks they have used so far. (Source – Kanban University)
  • Teams that adopt Scrum properly will improve their productivity by 300% – 400%, and the best teams can end up increasing their productivity by up to 800%. Not only that, they can replicate the success continuously and increase the quality of their work significantly. (Source – Jeff Sutherland)

These points and data derived from different surveys and data clearly show that adopting Agile and implementing the transformation in your organization properly can do wonders.

The benefits of successful implementation of Agile:

By making such a decision, your organization will get to enjoy the following benefits:

Improved collaboration 

Agile methodologies encourage cross-functional teams to work together, which can help break down silos and improve communication and collaboration.

Faster feedback and iteration –

 An agile work environment emphasizes early or timely delivery of the products being developed, which means that teams can get feedback from customers or stakeholders earlier in the development process and iterate more quickly. It saves time, and money and eliminates unnecessary disruptions. 

Increased adaptability – 

Agile methodologies are designed to be flexible and responsive to changing requirements, which can help organizations better adapt to market or business environment changes. 

Better transparency and visibility – 

Agile methodologies normally include regular status updates and progress reports, which can improve transparency and help stakeholders better understand the development process and the status of the project. 

Better communication –

 Improved transparency and work culture result in better communication organization-wide. Whether within the team or with other teams, different hierarchies within the company, everyone remains in the loop as required, which helps with the complete work process and increases work quality, delivery speed, and more.

A positive change in the work culture –

 One of the biggest issues with organizations not wanting to adopt Agile is the changes happening in the work culture and other practices. Organizations find that challenging as it often involves a shift in how teams collaborate and make decisions. With Agile transformation, positive changes happen, and they bring a plethora of benefits to the company.

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Assistance from us can help achieve a successful Agile transformation:

Proper implementation and adoption of Agile transformation can be beneficial for organizations, especially the ones looking forward to improving collaboration, adaptability, transparency, and more. The decision and the actual process will require careful planning, training, and leadership support to ensure that goals and success can be achieved.

Please browse our website to learn more about Agile transformation and its benefits. You can also book a consultation session to understand the unique Agile challenges your organization may face. Also, please continue visiting our blog section to learn more about Agile and its different aspects. 

Niladri Mahapatra

Niladri Mahapatra

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